Kitchen tool Essentials

10 Kitchen Tools Every Baker Needs

My kitchen tool essentials are the tools and equipment that I couldn’t live without. My kitchen simply would not function without these items. Every home baker needs an arsenal of equipment to make their lives easier and their baking experience more pleasant.

10 Kitchen Tool Essentials

1. Measuring Spoons

A quality set of measuring cups or measuring spoons are absolute kitchen tool essentials in any home bakers cupboard. If like me, you live in the UK, you will know that a lot of recipes from the US call for cups and it can get tedious having to look up conversion rates. A simple set of measuring cups and spoons can save hours of searching the web for conversions. You want to look for good quality stainless steel sets with rubber handle grips for easy pouring.

2. An arsenal of whisks and spatulas

Any home baker will tell you that their utensil drawer is filled to bursting with different spatulas, whisks, and spoons. Quality silicone spatulas are worth their weight in gold, I personally love these spatulas from Jamie Oliver. Not only because they are beautiful, but because they are really sturdy and well made. Whisks are the same, they must be sturdy and ready to take a battering. I love this one from OXO , it’s really well made and in the years I’ve has it, I’ve never had to bend the whisk back in shape. I also love IKEA’s range of utensils, they’re super afordable and exellent quality.

3. A quality stand mixer

There’s a reason that quality stand mixers are so expensive. The motor has to be powerful enough to withstand years of abuse. If you’ve ever had a motor burn out, it isn’t fun. I’ve burnt motors out on several hand whisks and It’s the most frustrating thing in the middle of baking. I own this stand mixer from Kenwood. It’s fantastic because It’s very robust and sturdy and can handle most tasks with ease. I love it because you can get a host of accessories for it, I have a blender and it’s brilliant not to have an extra thing on the counter.

4. Silicone Baking Mats

Gone are the days of using up roll after roll of parchment paper. Silicone baking mats are wallet and environmentally friendly non-stick mats that replace your baking paper. If you want to go one step further you can get re-usable baking liner that can be cut up to fit your cake pans. These things are amazing for your kitchen, it means no more running out of baking paper and most importantly they save you money in the long run.

5. Quality Kitchen Scales

A quality set of kitchen scales should be in every home bakers cupboard, they are kitchen tool essentials. A lot of recipes call for precise measurements and cups simple won’t cut it. I always recommend digital scales as they are far more accurate and precise. They are also easier to use as you can put your mixing bowl directly on it. I love this Salter scale because it also measures in ounces, grams, and milliliters. So, no matter the recipe you don’t have to convert measurements.

6. Large Rolling Pin

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I have wooden rolling pins! I just think that they’re unhygienic. Despite this, every kitchen needs a rolling pin. My favorites are marble or extra large acrylic. Marble rolling pins are amazing if you make a lot of pastry, as the marble keeps cold. If you don’t make a lot of pastry but you do make a lot of cake, I recommend a large fondant rolling pin, they are super smooth giving you that professional finish. the rolling pin I use is a huge 50CM acrylic, it’s too big to fit in any drawer. But its amazing when you need to roll out a large piece of fondant.

7. Baking Pans

It’s essential, as a home baker, that you arm yourself with quality baking pans. A good set of bakeware will last you years, help keep your bakes from sticking and resist bending or warping. I love the Masterclass range, a quality, sturdy range which is affordable and won’t break the bank but really performs. I also love the pans from TK Maxx. As a baker I’d say you need at least two baking sheets, a cupcake pan, an 8″ round and square cake pan.

8. Cookie Scoop

This quality cookie scoop from OXO makes getting perfect portions for truffles, cookies, and cupcakes easy. Gone are the days of trying to get even sized cookies using a tablespoon and prayer. With various sizes available for every need they are the perfect gift for yourself or another baking enthusiast.

9. Quality Stoneware Pans

Unless you’ve used stoneware pans, you can’t possibly know what you’re missing out on. The Salter pans that I use, take a daily battering. I’ve even melted chocolate directly in them and I’ve never had an issue with sticking or any difficulty cleaning them. In the past, I’ve had the Teflon on pans flake off and scratch but after years of use, these Salter stoneware pans have never failed me.

10. Food Processor

Quality food processors these days come with an enormous amount of accessories, they don’t just blend. They chop and grate and I always make pastry in a food processor. Its imporant to buy a quality machine as the motors in these machines work really hard every day. Cheaper machines burn out really quickly. I personally use this Kenwood Food Processor and I love it!

So there you have it, my 10 kitchen tool essentials that every home baker needs. What are your kitchen tool essentials? Let me know in the comments what your favorite kitchen tools are.

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Sarah xx