12 Bakes of Christmas Day 11

Festive mince pie fudge, creamy homemade fudge with festive mincemeat, the ultimate Christmas treat!

Mince Pie Fudge

Today for the 12 Bakes of Christmas I’m going to focus on another Christmas classic, Fudge! But not just any fudge, this is my festive mince pie fudge. This recipe is a festive re-imagining of my classic fudge recipe. Festive mincemeat fudge is the perfect holiday treat, so quick and easy to whip up in a hurry an so satisfying! A creamy fudge, filled with raisins, sultanas, candied peel and festive spices. 

Mince Pie Fudge

Lets not pretend that every year there isn’t at least one person you forget to buy something for, it happens to everyone, every year. That unexpected dinner guest or that last minute office party secret Santa scramble. Whoever it is you need a last minute gift for, this festive mince pie fudge is perfect. Will keep in the fridge for a few weeks you can just make a couple batches in advance and store them in gift boxes in the fridge ready to whip out whenever that surprise guests appears. 

Homemade gifts are wonderful, especially when they take minimum effort and have maximum impact. This festive mince pie fudge is both, takes less than 30 minutes to whip up and you have a wonderfully thoughtful Christmas gift. Beautifully creamy vanilla fudge spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and filled with festive mincemeat they’re the perfect little piece of Christmas indulgence.  You can make your own mince meat with my recipe here or you can buy a jar here. 


  1. 397g tin of condensed milk
  2. 100ml milk
  3. 450g demerara sugar
  4. 115g butter
  5. 1/2 tbsp salt
  6. 1tsp vanilla
  7. 5 heaped teaspoons of mincemeat 


  1. Place all the ingredients except the mincemeat into a saucepan and heat over a medium heat until all the sugar has dissolved.
  2. Bring to the boil then simmer for 10-15 minutes whilst continuously stirring. 
  3. After 10 minutes grab a glass of cold water and put a drop of the fudge in the water. Its ready when the drop forms into a little ball of fudge.
  4. If it doesn’t, keep simmering and stirring and test it again.
  5. Take the fudge from the heat and beat it with a wooden spoon until its thick and creamy and just beginning to set.
  6. At this point add the mincemeat and stir really well to incorporate the mincemeat into the fudge.
  7. Transfer to a lined, greased square baking pan sprinkle and leave to set in the fridge until its completely cooled.
  8. Remove from the pan, cut into squares and serve.

And there you have it, the perfect edible gift or easy to make treat my festive mince pie fudge! If you try it let me know how your fudge turns out by tagging @whatseatingmanchester in your social media post!

Sarah x