Feeling blessed!

Today we received the most beautiful package fresh from the garden. My dad and god father have an allotment and my god father keeps bees alongside growing some of the most amazing fruit and vegetables. And today they harvested their first lot of honey!


Beautiful fresh honeycomb, straight from the bees, no pesticides, no chemical nasties, full of propolis and antioxidants. With antibacterial and antifungal properties honey is really one of natures wonders. And ours is produced right here in Manchester!!

I love honey, especially in cakes and for breakfast (with banana and peanut butter, yum!) And eating honey like this, as close to how nature intended, is a really wonderful way to really reap all of its benefits, you can even eat the honeycomb as it is full of long chain fatty acids and alcohols.


Now I wouldn’t suggest chomping down on the whole thing but taking a bit or two is beneficial. We strain out the honey from the wax, eat the honey and we are thinking of things we can do with the wax. Any suggestions would be welcome.

It is relatively simple to separate the two. We mashed up everything in a bowl then set it to slowly filter through a fine sieve over night. Melted the wax, let any impurities either float or sink then scooped them out. Although I think it will need another filter.

Then the frame gets popped back into the hive and the bees can get to work again. Don’t worry we didn’t steal all their honey they still have plenty left for themselves. But it is still amazing how easily my god father set up his little hive, in an allotment at the back of a busy road. And the honey is almost the best I’ve ever tasted. I say almost because there is a honey company in Sydney that produces honey from rooftops in the centre of Sydney and that is just a little bit cooler.


I cannot recommend enough sourcing out some quality home grown honey.  Since there arent many places in the UK where you can get honeycomb it may take some detective work in your area, maybe look into local allotments and see if anyone keeps bees, but good ol Google worked a treat and I have found a few places in the UK that seem to sell it. Now since I haven’t tried any of their honey I cannot recommend it but they are worth a look for more information.



Let me know if anyone wants more info on small scale bee keeping, I’m sure my god father would be happy to provide some tips to get you started. And helping bees very important for everyone.


Some recipes to come featuring this star ingredient as soon as I can come up with the perfect recipe to showcase this amazing produce. I am all for eating more locally produced, home grown or small scale farmed produce.

If anyone gets their hands on any honeycomb let me know what you think or what you make with it by tagging @whatseatingmanchester in your social media posts.

Sarah x