how to temper chocolate

How to temper chocolate the question on every home bakers lips. Sit tight, pay attention and stay with me, we got this.

How to temper chocolate? Have you ever wanted to create spectacular chocolate decorations for your cakes or coat a truffle in chocolate and not have it melt in your fingers. The secret my friends is tempered chocolate.

how to temper chocolate

Why temper chocolate?

Chocolate that has been tempered is drastically different from chocolate that is out of temper. It is super shiny and smooth with that satisfying snap when you break it. Chocolate that is not tempered tends to be dull or matte in appearance, over time it blooms, gets those white streaks or spots and it melts at a lower temperature, leaving you with chocolatey fingers. Tempering is the solution to these problems.

If you don’t want to temper chocolate you only have two options available to you to coat things in, you can use candy melts or keep your confections in the fridge until just before you serve them. Neither are really ideal so we should really learn how to properly temper chocolate.

how to temper chocolate

How to temper chocolate

Chocolate tempering doesn’t have to be hard, I don’t go for the tabling method as I don’t have a stainless steel or marble counter top or the patience to clean up the mess afterwards. I also don’t bother with a double boiler as I have a habit of burning myself trying to get the bowl off the pan. It also increases the risk of water splashing into the chocolate and ruining everything.

I prefer to use the microwave to melt my chocolate, I use a plastic heat proof bowl to hold the chocolate. I only use plastic because ceramic and glass conduct heat very well, they heat up longer and stay hot for longer. Much too difficult to control the heating process.

how to temper chocolate

You will need

  • A silicone spatula
  • Plastic microwave proof bowl
  • A sharp knife
  • 500g of good quality chocolate

Take the chocolate and chop into small chunks, not too small about 1cm square roughly will do but don’t stress too much about the size. Place 2/3 of the chocolate into the bowl and set your microwave to half power. Heat the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second bursts until 3/4 of the chocolate is melted. Remove from the microwave and stir with the spatula until the remaining chocolate has melted.

Add the remaining chunks of chopped chocolate we set aside earlier a couple at a time stirring until they have completely melted before adding the next couple of chunks. Keep adding until the chunks will no longer melt. This in the optimum temperature. Remove the chunks that wont melt and use the chocolate to decorate truffles or whatever else you want to use tempered chocolate for.

how to temper chocolate

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You can test your success by coating a spoon and popping it into the fridge, if it hardens in a few minutes its ready.

And there you have it my ultimate guide to tempering chocolate. Remember to show me your bakes by tagging @whatseatingmanchester in your social media post.

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