The most amazing addition to any cheese plate.


Everyone knows I love cheese. Like a deeply inappropriate obsession with cheese. And goats cheese is my favourite. The ultimate for me is Holy Goat – La Luna from Victoria in Australia.  If you ever get a chance to try it, please do, it is the most fabulous cheese, beautiful depth of flavour. But sometimes you can’t always get hold of amazing goats cheese, sure you can find good goats cheese in most supermarkets these days but lets be honest, its not great. But with a little extra attention you can turn a good supermarket goats cheese into a showstopping appetiser or a fabulous addition to any cheeseboard.

This recipe can really be adapted to your needs, I really wanted to add fig but I couldn’t find any fresh or any fig preserve (first world problems I know!). Also feel free to play around with different nuts, pistachios would be amazing or even pine nuts, feel free to experiment. You could even try adding maple syrup, I used honey because I still have some of the local allotment honey left and it was beautiful with the goats cheese.



  1.  1 log of goats cheese
  2.  2 tbsp honey
  3. 50g walnuts
  4. 1 sprig fresh thyme


  1. Simply crush up the walnuts by popping them into a plastic bag and going to town with a rolling pin. Don’t crush them to a powder but nice small little pieces are great.
  2. Roughly chop the thyme and add it to the walnuts.
  3. Top the cheese with the walnut and thyme mixture, I find it easiest to pop the walnuts and thyme on the counter and press the cheese into it, then just turn the cheese upside down and drizzle with the honey.


And its that easy! I love when a dish requires minimum effort but packs a maximum punch. If you try it let me know how it goes by tagging @whatseatingmanchester in your social media post.

Sarah x